Poetry, Articles, Book Reviews

A showcase of my various publications. Click 'Read more' for more details. 

College Composition &

ESL materials. 

A showcase of my education materials and design. I take a constructivist approach towards learning, which incorporates design, creativity, and critical thinking.


Click 'Read more' for more details.  

Children's picture book

When Erica, Ben, and Patrice call Abutoes the monster statistician for help with cleaning up their toys, they did not expect silly Abutoes to eat the toys! The clever girl Erica and her trusty friends must now learn the secret to the ‘median’ to save their toys from Abutoes and his bottomless belly...

Video Games

A showcase of my various projects in making videogames.

Go to if you're here for Voxel Fight or Ruckus Games.

Screenplays & Shorts

A showcase of my various screenplays for feature length and short films. Click 'Read more' for more details. 

Pixel Art

A showcase of my videogame art for sale on the Unity3D or web stores. Click 'Read more' for more art and details. 

Interactive Game Elements

A showcase for my C# project for sale on the Unity3D webstore. Click 'Read more' for more details and purchase links. 

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